LFS! GNC Repertoire

LFS!  GNC Repertoire

See below for a list of repertoire and ordering information. Conductors of Singer Delegates are responsible for facilitating the purchasing of the repertoire. In the case where manuscripts are available, click the title to view and download the manuscript for the piece. You will find selected listening tracks to download on this page.

Singer Delegates must arrive in Philadelphia with all music already learned to such a degree that they will be able to sing the music from memory by Wednesday evening, July 27th.  They should come with the music three-hole punched and in a one inch plain black binder, along with two pencils.

Singer Delegates will have several life changing music making opportunities during the LFS! GNC, including the Festival concert on Wednesday, July 27th. This concert will be open to the public. Another performance, not officially part of the LFS! GNC Convention, but sure to be a highlight of the week, will take place on Thursday evening. More details to follow.

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