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Performance at Hillary Clinton’s Rally
7:30PM, November 7, 2016
Independence Mall, Philadelphia
60 Young Women from the “Let Freedom SING!” Girlchoir singing Anthem

Emily Harmar, Development Director
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C: 215-740-1460

“Let Freedom SING!” Girlchoir®  will bring the sound of National Unity to Hillary Rally November 7 in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA (November 7, 2016) – There’s an extraordinary musical act sharing the stage with the Clintons and Obamas in Philadelphia tonight. Yes, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are in the line up. But the most powerful statement of unity will be made by the “Let Freedom SING!” Girlchoir, slated to sing the National Anthem and “Brave” at Hillary’s election eve rally. The ensemble, which sang at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this July, consists of young women singers from all 50 states.

Tonight, about 60 singers from 18 of the 50 states will show the country what unity sounds like. Choristers have been flying and driving in from North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Iowa, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Florida and, of course, Pennsylvania.

“With only 48 hours notice, 18 out of 50 isn’t too bad,” comments Steven Fisher, the visionary behind this national choir of young women meant to be a shining example of our ability to rise above politics through the arts. “Choral music empowers young women in a unique way when they have the opportunity to make it surrounded only by other girls, helping them to develop into strong, confident women who are at the ready to – literally – let their voices be heard.”

Sophie Michael, one of the Singer Delegates from Illinois, set her heart on attending. “My experience at the Girlchoir Convention this summer was incredible. When I found out about this last minute experience, I really wanted to find a way to come. It took some nagging and persuading, but I got my parents – who are Republican – to see how much it meant to me. We actually bought my plane ticket four hours before I left!”

The “Let Freedom SING!” Girlchoir choristers are looking forward to a reunion over the Inauguration weekend, when all 100 girls from all 50 states will descend on the nation’s capital.

“I made such great music and great friends during the DNC,” says Connecticut Singer Delegate Carli Visconti. “Even though we weren’t all Hillary supporters, we all understood the historical significance of her nomination. Who knows, maybe there will be another historical event during our reunion. I’d so I hope Hillary invites us to sing for her. That would be way, way cool.”


About “Let Freedom SING!” Girlchoir National Convention

The “Let Freedom SING!” Girlchoir National Convention (LFS! GNC) was a six-day choral festival that was held alongside the 2016 Democratic National Convention that brought together two young women “Singer Delegates” from each of the 50 states in the Union to celebrate the beauty, recognize the power, and affirm the importance of girls singing together.